Does any one know of a way to visualize the content of the OutSystems view state?

I'd like to have this option in the development environment in order to make it easier to pinpoint why a view state is large. 

What have I tried so far?

- I've installed the OutSystems Launcher chrome extension. This is quite handy as it shows the size of the view state every time an OutSystems web screen is accessed from within Chrome. It does however not show the content of the view state.

- I've also installed the Factory Configuration Forge component. This component makes it possible to set the platform parameter EncryptViewState. This parameter is an entry in the entity Parameter in the (System) module. I've set this parameter to false and restarted the platform server. Nonetheless, I still did not manage to see the content of the view state. 

- Apparently the view state is base 64 encoded. After setting the EncryptViewState platform parameter to false, I decoded the view state and I got binary content. The question is how this should be interpreted.

For the record, we have an on premises installation, .NET, version 10.0.828.0.



Hi Pedro,

I would assume the viewstate is compressed?

Hi Pedro,

I do not think you can do that but I will ask around for you.

By the way. If you want to view the site of the viewstate and monitor that on your webpage in dev / test for example there is a nice component which do that for you:

Hi Kilian and Johan,

@Kilian: I also assume the view state is compressed but the question is how? :)

@Johan: I rather use the OutSystems Launcher chrome extension to get access to the size of the view state as it does not force you to include anything in your web screens. If you could ask around I would appreciate.


Hi Pedro,

I have spoken to someone and he is trying to get more information but he said:
"It’s encoded, but I think it may be easier to check it in the response object before it gets encoded and the reply goes out - rather than trying to decode it."

I will let you now if I haev more news.

THIS IS one of the most wanted features centuries ago!

@Johan: thanks for the update. I'm curious on how to access the view state in the response object before it is encoded.

Hi Johan, any news on this?

Sorry no news on this one yet

Hi Pedro,

For now the answer is this can not be done. If I get other information in the future I will add it here.
Sorry I could not help you with this for now.

Hi Johan, thanks for the time you’ve spent on this. If I happen to have any more news on this I will also post it here. 

Thanks I appreciate it!


Is it possible to disable the viewstate ?

No you can't disable the viewstate because in the viewstate the information is stored that's needed for OutSystems to work like it should.
It contains the variables etc. needed when the server is called from the client.