Need command-line switches for installing, uninstalling Dev.Env. 10.0.902.0

Need to put together a super-simple unattended installation package, for DevelopmentEnvironment-10.0.902.0.exe.

what are command line options to Install, and to Uninstall?

thanks, Don

Hey Don,

To install the OutSystems Development Environment (Service Studio) run the installation package as follows:

DevelopmentEnvironment-<version>.exe /S [/D=<development_environment_path>]

The optional /D switch specifies the path where the Development Environment is installed.
Don't forget to replace <version> with, in your case, 10.0.902.0.

Unfortunately, I cannot help you the uninstall part.

Robin, that topic is the reference documentation for the Configuration Tool, which is used to configure the OutSystems Platform, it does install the Development Environment.