Management of application's user after detach process


I have questions about management of application users after detach process.
I read a document about the detach process.
But I can not understand clearly about application's user management.

Can we rebuild 'Users' application from detached code?
Can we add and/or remove application's user and role after detach process?

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Hi Takasi,

Not having personal expierience with it, but I also read that detach page and there is no mentioning that the detached code excluseds the Users espace. So I would think it is included and that you can build your complete solution including the users espace.



Thank you for commenting, Daniel.


Hello Takasi,

The Users application is provided as open-source, and there are many customers cloning it to implement their own custom requirements.

In summary, you have exactly the same access to the Users applications as you have to the OutSystems applications that you develop, once you have the detach license.



Thanks a lot, João.