I have an web service that need a username and a password to get the information, and this credentials are the same that the user used to logged in to the application that i developed in Outsystems.

I have already read this link:


And the documentation about this:


I still can't figure it out, how to get the password to pass to the web service.

Any idea?

Hi André,

These are basically the documents you need to do that. So what is it you can't figure out exactly?

Hi Kilian, thanks for your answer!

When i call the action SetWebReferenceCredentials how can i get the Password from the current user?

Right, that's indeed a problem, since you can't (and rightly so) - it would be a huge security problem if it was possible to decrypt and send the actual password.

There is a way to do it?


Is it possible to do it using integrated authentication?

I'm trying to get this done.

I turn Integration Authentication to Yes in my Screen and create a button that calls the SOAP Web Service.

When i open my screen i enter my credentials, and then i get the next error: "The request failed with HTTP status 401: Unauthorized."

Any idea how to solve this?