Which RIch Text Editor component do this Forums used in posting?

I need the same capability that this Forums' Post offers...

Rich Text Editor I guess there's a component already in Forge.

But I also need Image pasting from clipboard, resize and repositioning inside the textbox.

Can anyone suggest or tell what this Forums used?

Or is there any javascript plugin I can use?

Thanks a lot.

err, this forum also uses ckeditor?

sorry, they did not rename the classes.

I think they use "Froala Editor"


And it even has a Forge component :).

Froala editor is a paid service?

Thanks for the tips...

More question, when I pasting image from clipboard, does Froala Editor save it to file on their backend (security concern) or it's use data uri (base64)?

If using data uri, is there any chance it can be cached?