We are performing a migration from java stack to .net.

The mobile app that is already in production is still pointing to the java server, but, with the same endpoint on both servers, we have the app ready in dev and acceptance environments using the new stack, .net.

The app is the same, same name and app id.

Has anyone done this before? Do you see any implications this might have, for instance, submitting the app in the store again, will it just update over the old one?

Any insight you can provide is much appreciated.

Thank you

Hello Maria,

I have not did that before but my experience with stores tell me that you should not have any problems. What happened when you switched the endpoint from Java to .NET on DEV and UAT? Did you had to reinstall the app?

My *expectation* is that you don't need to do anything at a store level, so it should update itself, assuming you're keeping everything the same.


EDIT: In the case that you've done the change in Production, let us know what happened :)