Scroll to a specific Element in a Record List

Hello Guys,

I'm working in a quiz app where users can submit responses to a quiz. In this questionnaire the user has the possibility to mark the important questions or with doubts, but I do not find a functionality to give focus to the first question of the record list where the question is marked to review.

I already saw solutions about this topic in the forum but moustly common solution is using a link with a anchor to a ID of specific widget on the page. 

Anyone has done something similar before? I'll appreciate any help!

below has an image to demonstrate better...

Hi Alan,

I thinks is more simple is use a link with anchor. Whatever, you have this post with other solution.

Hope it help.


After we investigated the problem, we found the solution by looking for a specific class (star_gold) instead of looking for the identifier, which is dynamic.

    $([document.documentElement, document.body]).animate({
        scrollTop: $( '.Star_Gold' ).first().parent().parent().offset().top - 100
    }, 750);