does anyone know if its possible to obtain the Structure Label value. In this case TestLabel ?

we tried the https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component/484/record-introspect/ but that gives empty values. also with the fix in the supported forum. Last version published on 08 December 2013.

With Kind Regards

Paul Geven


What's your use case?

HI Paul

there's no way to get it. If I am right, that information is inside the OML file and is not saved on the database.
However if you tell us what's the purpose to do it, maybe we can help you.


use case was export dynamic data to excel so we needed to use the advanced excel. 

when creating the header of the excel we where thinking of using the Label of the structure as HeaderDataField. 

we already had an other solution that works, but we where curious if it could be done. 

thnx for responding.