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Published on 15 Jan by OutSystems R&D
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Published on 15 Jan by OutSystems R&D

[little update] I also get an "Timeout expired" exception while running WatchPosition in OnApplicationReady

Hi everyone,

Well, the title is enough to describe the problem of mine now.

Been looking at other posts which mentioned same problem, but I've seen no way yet

I've tried this plugin before, and somehow it worked fine when using a handler for OnPositionChanged event, got some real GPS values and displayed as a message of "Latitude, Longitude"

Because that event is not triggered when the device stays still in the beginning, so I try to using GetLocation action, and it returns "0,0"

No Idea if I get out of seat, going around the town, and it works?!

Anyone got any work-aound or real solution yet?


ps: another concern, because this app is a part of real-time system, and device location is always tracked when online, so I've tried Background Location Plugin but there's an error saying: 

"Failed to install 'cordova-plugin-mauron85-background-geolocation': CordovaError: Uh oh!"

anyone encountered this kind of error?


It has been resolved itself.

The building blocked the GPS signal; so GPS data could not be retrieved from device.

Case closed.

ps: never thought this was the case...