[Silk UI Web] Resize browser size leads to reload of the page

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Published on 13:30 (4 hours ago) by OutSystems R&D
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Published on 13:30 (4 hours ago) by OutSystems R&D

At the customer we have some real strange behavior. At some browsers (all same version) the page reloads when the window is resized and on other browser it's not. On my PC it does not happen in a normal Chrome browser but it does happen in an anonymous Chrome browser.

I have found out ít happens when the Widget WidgetsForLayout from WebPatterns (SilkUI) is used.

I have made a really empty eSpace with only this widget and an expression showing the dataTime on a webscreen and it reproduce the problem.

See this movie showing the issue

Please find the OML used attached to this case.

OML used to reproduce the issue.


I think I have found the problem and I think it's a bug :)

Although the "DisableSimulationDeviceInDev" has been set to true and the DeviceSimulation parameter of webblock has been set to false the setting the user has chosen still influence the behavior. We have to turn the "DisableSimulationDeviceInDev" on again. Than have the users where the problem occurs disable it in theirsettings (which the can now again because the have the gear icon) and than turn off the "DisableSimulationDeviceInDev" again in the WebPatterns settings.