Throughout 2018 we have been delivering several IDE features and improvements. We have been continuously talking with the community and listening to your feedback but now we want to stop for a second and get your feedback regarding:

  • The features we have been delivering
  • The pace we have been delivering these features
  • Any additional feedback on how we can improve

For that, I ask you to answer this 3 min survey that will help us a lot to improve:


Thank you for being a part of this!

Vasco Pessanha

IDE Product Owner

The IDE team has been doing a great great job!


Thanks João! :)

I agree with João Heleno. You guys rock! SS is becoming more a more pleasant to work with! Keep up!

I have been working for more than 4 years from pt8. I have seen so many unbelievable changes in IDE. You guys are the rockstars.

survey submitted.

Thanks a lot João and Pankaj, I'm glad to see that our work makes a difference.

I'll forward your kind words to the team! :)

Keep On Improving!

Hi Vasco,

Features are really awesome and stupendous, specially the new features every time when they got introduced. Always excited & waiting for new features.

only suggestion i have is sometimes, we bound with the inbuilt features like dynamic entity creation  and integration become a bit complex with other systems like BI and other reporting tool having heavy dashboards but i think in future all these things will become the power of this platform.

Rest this platform and Team deserves the huge round of applause.


Manish Jawla

Thanks a lot Manish!

It means a lot for us, I'll forward your nice words to the team ;)