Hello guys

I'm developing a web application on Service Studio v8.0.0.16

We need  to send out a bunch of emails with some contacts listed as BCC

I entered those emails on the BCC 'input' on the Send Email widget. When the emails are sent, I can see on Service Center that the contacts I want are being sent as BCC, but users have been complaining that the contacts appear on the main list instead of the BCC as expected.

Has anyone ever had this problem before?

Note: all emails are being sent to Outlook boxes

HI Ângelo,

I've never heard anything like it. Sounds very strange tbh, and I can't see it being an OutSystems problem.

Hello Kilian

It is very strange indeed. And since the contacts are displayed in BCC on Service Center, I agree when you say it's probably not an OutSystems issue. I was wondering, as we're only sending the emails to Outlook inboxes, if this was some kind of Outlook issue/bug/



Hello Ângelo

What kind of email server is used? can you give some more details ?

Hello Alberto, thank you for your response

It's the company's email server, Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with its specifications.

I just ran a quick test and I'm able to send an email with myself on BCC, and I received it, so it must be a problem in the 'communication' between OutSystems and the email server