'datatype' data type required

(mobile app) I feel like I'm  running around in circles, and missing something critical.

I have an API that is being consumed. It returns a JSON list of records.

I want to take that list and display it in a list widget on a screen.

I keep missing something somewhere and end up with the error mesage 'datatype' data type required instead of 'otherdatatype'   - where one datatype is the datatype of the list returned by the API call (created by OutSystems when I created the API call)... what am I missing about datatypes that is causing the issue?

Is there a step-by-step howto showing the OutSystems way of doing this?


Hi James,

# It is okay, just use built-in function to convert the data type, like TextToInteger(), etc. 

# Sometimes, Outsystems cannot infer data type correctly. 

# So, the bottom line is always check the data type and 

# also the elements generated to be a data structure (as some element with value null may be not generated).