Hi guys,

I would like to know whether there is any tutorial videos available for the Google Maps OpenStreetMap.

I need some guidance on:

- How it works?

- How to implement in the mobile and web applications?

- How to enable user phones GPS locator?

- How to get the lat and lng of the user location?



Hi Bhaarathan,

You should be asking these questions on that component's Support page. From what I can read, you will still be using Google Maps "as usual", so all information available for Google Maps applies: Google Maps has components available on the forge for both Web and Mobile applications, you can find further details and explanations on the respective forge pages.

After that, I expect you should just follow the instructions on the Details page of the component to replace the map tiles for OpenStreetMaps' ones. Any further questions about the process should (also) be asked on the Support page of the component, or directly to the team that developed it.

GPS functionality on your mobile applications can be achieved with the Location plugin. It will provide you with the coordinates of the device.

Hi Martins,

Thank you.