Hi, i would like to implement email reminder in outsystems BPT. the requirement is that there are two parallel approval activities and allow them to complete within certain X days. If any of them doesn't take any action after X days, system will send email reminder to them.  if they take action after X days, system will still proceed the next steps of MakeAgreement.

I am thinking of using wait activity with Timeout and send email at CloseOn of wait activity. But it will proceed the next activity "MakeAgreement" after Wait activity is completed. But I dont' want to proceed since all approval activities are not completed yet.

Please refer to the below flow and help advise how i can achieve my requirement. Thanks in advanced.

hi Thiha:

Reminder: in WaitCompleteQuestionaire, just check if both not yet approve, just "raise an exception", so it will not continue to MakeAggrement.



Hi Aung Thiha,

I'd suggest you implement this (both the approvals and the wait) on a subprocess, that way only when all execution flows end will the main process continue with the MakeAgreement.

Something like this might work?

RI's suggestion still has an issue with as soon as the Wait activity wakes up, you will go through with MakeAgreement (like on your original diagrams).


Thanks Jorge and RI for your prompt answers.