On click icon change number and button group dependencies


I want to make an application that will have, amongst other things, multiple types of selection in one form, so I came to a work I do not know how to solve. So all these fields are offline inputs. I have a few questions:

1. In these fields I want to make that when I click on the + or - icon changes the number in the field next to the icon.

2. How to make dependencies between these two groups of buttons so that for example, if you click on 1 in the UTK in the TK field to show only 3 buttons, if you click on field 2 in the TK field you only see two buttons etc ...

thanks for the help


1: Declare a variable and add it as a value to that InputBox, Now add click actions to your Increment+ & Decrement- Buttons, Under Click actions you can use Assignment with the declare variable & Increment or Decrement it accordingly.

Also in Actions add a validation to assign 0 If number is already 0.

2: If you have only 2 sections to be designed with diffrent numbers of buttons in it then you can use Visible Property of Button with repective selection, Pass a Flag variable to the Visible property & control it on your respective actions.