Menu Dublin - How to close all other MenuItens when MenuSubItem is selected

Hi, first time in Foruns

I'm using the DublinTheme, after being opened the submenus (MenuSubItem) remain open.

How can i change this behavior so that when a MenuSubItem is selected all the other MenuItens close, leaving only opened the MenuItem of the selected MenuSubItem.



Hello jpaulo

Welcome to the form.

The normal behaviour of the menu is that when you click a menu with sub menu, this one opens and any other opened menu is closed.

If you "cloned" the menu (copy paste), be sure that the IsActive property of the DropDownMenu widget is set to check the correct menu item, otherwise you will end with more than one menu open (because of it).




good hint.

In the destination page the variable ActineMenuItemId has empty.

Thanks Eduardo

HI again,

how can i close the MenuItem when one of the MenuSubItem options is selected?