[AppLauncherPlugin] How to open another mob application and get authorized

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Published on 2018-08-10 by Eduardo Jauch
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Published on 2018-08-10 by Eduardo Jauch


At once I apologize for my English. I'm using Google translator.

I have 2 mobile applications developed by me in OutSystems.

In the first, I use AppLauncherPlugin to open the second one, but I do not understand how to transfer the login and password so that in the second application you can immediately get authorization.

Oml of the application I attach.

Thanks for the answer.

Hello Anton,

You need to check in your second application if it is possible to login when calling it, as this is not something specific of the plugin.

If the second application allows it, you probably will have to set parameters in the URI or if you are using intents in android, you will need to pass the correct parameters.

But it is the second application who will define hoe and if this is possible.


Hello Eduardo,

Here is my second app. It is absolutely clean. I'm new to outsysytem, so I do not even know how to transfer data to another application.

Thanks for the help.

Hi all,

I have list of different types of file Extension it may be .xls/.msg/.pdf/png i want to open each file on clicking of each file name which was displayed in my UI and I want to open particular file in a respective native application. Suppose If it is .msg file it need to open my native message box(mobile device gallery box) or If it is a .png file i need to open in my native gallery application(mobile device gallery box)