Timer and Data Fetch

Hi Guys

I am a new programmer who has directly started to work on outsystems. I have a action that inserts some data into a table, let us call it Table1.

After insertion in table1 the same action is triggering a timer using a wake timer action.

The action triggered by the timer is suppose to fetch data from the table Table1 and transfer it into the Table2.

Problem Statement :  The action triggered from the wake timer cannot find any data in Table1 and hence the timer gets executed in 0s effectively. If I explicitly execute the timer, the timer works properly or even on debugging on the they work as expected.

I have tried forced committing the transaction and also a widget click assuming it is performed after the first action to call the timer. None of them have been of help. 

If someone has a solution to this please reply.

First of all, why would you do that this way?

What's your use-case behind it?

Secondly, this is more suited for BPT imho.

I am supposed take data from an excel file and then load it into a table that is a copy of the actual table, in order to check if there are any run time errors post the validations, and if yes then log them and show them to the end user.. If not I have to start inserting into the actual table. To do the insertion there are several process for each record which take a lot of time and hence I don't want the end user to wait and hence I wish to run it in the back ground.


So it turns out the aggregate was caching data. Had added that earlier... lol.