Calendar mobile list creation

Help guys!

I've been having troubles with the calendar pattern tutorials and I can't seem to let it work.

I have no problems with the first few tutorials. But when it comes to "Listing events of a selected day" I get stuck and no events would appear on the list!

Can i get some help please and thanks!

What's your EventList like?

Hi, I would probably start by checking:

1 - The query for getting the events for the day - ex. GetEventsByDate

make sure it has a filter that is working. Ex. 

Filter: EventEntity.DueDate= (pickedDateTime)

Now the testing should list the events of the given day by adding data in the tab "Test values" of the aggregate

2 - Make sure the onclick of the calendar is calling an CalendarOnSelect action sets the StartDate and EndDate variables

3 - In he CalendarOnSelect action 

Have StartDate and EndDate as input variables

set a "pickedDateTime" variable to StartDate

and refresh the GetEventsByDate Aggregate

4-  Not sure if you use GetEventsByDate.List as source to your list widget. Perhaos you set another list variable and if that is used do display information but that need to be refreshed as well

5 - Debugging tool is always friendly and helpful when tshooting