Hi there,

Well, I going to do the certification exam Associate Web Developer in this week, but i'm afraid to not be approved.

I did the course of Web developer (40 hours) twice, and I've been working with Outystems for two years. But the lack of information about the exam worries me, because I dont know how the test going to be.

Do you guys, think the course and my experience is enough to pass on the exam? Do you have some tips to help me?

Thanks alot.

Hi Henrique,

Your experience is more than enough to pass the exam. 

You can check Outsystems recommendation for preparation here https://www.outsystems.com/cms_backoffice/assets/20180807120903/web_associate_developer_exam

Read the question carefully don't stress and you will be more than fine.




I took the exam, prematurely, after 3 months of using Outsystems, relying on the course training material with little actual hands-on development experience with it. Unsurprisingly I failed (which I think is a good thing, as making the test too easy would result in an army of ill-equipped Outsystems certified developers - struggling with initial client engagements).

I agree the lack of clarity on the type and format of questions and the breadth of coverage that will be included makes it difficult first time around (i.e. there is no mock test to give you more insight on how the test will look). 

It was a useful exercise (albeit an expensive one)  for me to highlight where my lack of knowledge lay and how much more familiar with some of the tool's underlying architecture I needed to be. I missed out on a pass by 3 wrong answers - so having 2 years of experience with the tool should get you through no problem. The exam should be straight-forward for someone who has used the tool regularly for 6-12 months, as you will have faced many of the scenarios that are tested in the exam material. 

You could also pass by following the advisory on the link - but I wouldn't suggest you learn the theory alone. It is a test to prove you are an able practitioner with familiarity with implementing solutions in the right way- not just book work.


Hi Henrique,

The recommendation of going through the classroom training (or online course) is accurate, I don't remember anything that is not covered on that training. But like Ian mentions, it's not just the theory, the exercise is also a great learning experience, especially if you strive to understand the instructions given, and read all the useful tidbits of information that Notes provide. Finally to validate your knowledge, implementing the final project is a good assessment.

With two years of active development in OutSystems, you shouldn't have an issue passing the exam. Questions cover practical situations that happen early in the life of any OutSystems developer (after all, all topics are covered by the 1-week training).

Hope this helps!