We have a requirement to recycle, or restart the application pool.

This is so that when we deploy, we can ensure the application cache is cleared.

How is it possible to do this?



Are you talking about On-premise or PaaS environment?

and if you would search the documents you should have found:


Hi Kieran,

When you publish an espace/application the cache of that espace/application is invalidated.



Hi Kieran,

As far as I know, OutSystems applications do not have access to this. You can recycle/restart the application pool directly from IIS.

Can I ask why is there such a requirement? sounds a bit odd...

If you want to explicitly clear a module's cache, you can call at any time the EspaceInvalidateCache System action.

If you want to execute something every time you click 1-Click publish in Service Studio or use Service Center/LifeTime to deploy your module, you can use a Timer scheduled to run "When Published".

But in any case, I believe J. and Marcelo already beat me to the right answer...

In any case, hope the explanation above helps you in the future.