Hi ,

I'm able to get current time and date (based on server time zone) but i'm unable to get system time. For an example , user should see the time according to his time zone.Please help me to get the system time



Hi Kuruma,

You can use CurrDateTime():

In client-side calls, it returns the device date and time.

In server-side calls, it returns the platform server date and time.

You have all information here.


Hi Ekadeep,

There is no such thing as a "system time". The server your software runs on has a certain date/time, and your local machine (the client) has a certain date/time. If you run a web app, the date/time is the date/time of the server, not the client. If you need the time at the client, you'll need to explicitly convert it from the server time (and you'll need to know the server timezone), e.g. by using this Forge Component.