Outsystems and Oracle Global Temporary Table

Hi all,

I have a question about using Oracle Global Temorary Tables ans OutSystems.

In my application i have an Entity based on an Oracle View in the database. The view select data from multiple tables and one global temporary table. In the preparation of the screen, i call a procedure that populate the GTE. So far So Good. When the page is rendered, the data is shown on the screen.

When i do a sort on the table, the date from the GTE is gone. Sometimes when i sort on another column, the data from the GTE is visisble again. All without a call to the procdure that fills the GTE.

When i reload the whole page (preparation is executed) the data from the GTE is also visible again.

Does anyone  have tips what i could try to solve this problem?

Could it be that OutSystems use muliple sessions whe i sort on different columns?

Thanks in Advance.

Hi Sebastiaan,

Not familiar with Oracle GTTs, but OutSystems uses connection pooling to optimize DB performance when accessing the DB. Please check the following relevant info:

Connection pools in OutSystems Platform

Transactions in the OutSystems Platform