enable and disable a form on click


I have 2 forms on a screen with 2 radio buttons for enabling that particular form.
Now my requirement is onclick of any of the field in that form, I want that form to be enabled.
Can someone help me to achieve this?

I tried to update the value of radio button on which the form is enabled, but somehow the form is still not enabled. 

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Hi Anagha,

You can do this using JavaScript. For example:

1. Create one class per form and associate per field

2. In Extended Proprieties, use Propriety "onfocus"

3. Add this JavaScript:

"$( "".YourClass"" ).attr( ""disabled"", false ); 
$( "".YourClass"" ).attr( ""readonly"", false );"

To be more simple, you can create one function Javascript and call her in onfocus propriety.

You can also use the following script, which changes all inputs within the form:

$(""#YourFormId :input"").prop("disabled", false);

I Hope it helps!