Asynchronous logging/transactions to oracle/external DB

Hi all,

I want to create a logging mechanism in OutSystems that write the logging messages to an (External) Oracle Database.

I've seen the Asynchronous logging extension in OutSystems, but this procedure is logging the messages to the Service Center and not to an external database.

I'm looking forward to suggestions...


What I have seen so far is that Timers are being used to make an async call to the server. Though timers doesn't support input parameter which I believe you would need. You can check out this async forge component that has offered workaround to support parameter in Timers.


Hi Sebastiaan

Are you using O11? If so, from that version on, there is the possibility to define a different database server to store the logging information of the platform and its applications.

Doesn't that serve your use case? If not, what are you trying to accomplish logging into an external system? what kind of information are you interested in log?