Tab out is not working in Combo box component

This is kind of weird issue. Our user are using tab key for navigation. It seems working mostly fine in for different type of combo box but at this place only it is not working 

 I am using a combo box for a static list . this kind of combo box works fine in other screens but is not working on this screen. It starts working when I removed the extension Select2 for this combobox. 

Problem is , when control reaches to this combobox and user press tab then it does not go to next input field . It does not move at all . It remains on this combobox. Similar combobox works fine in other screens. 

I tried different approaches but it does not work. 

Anybody is aware of any such issue .  Control stays on highlighted comb box .  I have given explicit tab index but it does not take that one. platform overrides in that case. 

Hello there, seems like this is a problem from the Select2 component (tested using the forge's component). Searching a bit, i found this js script that enable the tab behavior you would expect:

Anyway, I attached an example with the script working, you just need to copy paste it on the page javascript you have your form on.

Thanks for the help Mauricio Mangini but it does not work. It is kind of weird issue. I have assigned the tabindex to Combobox but at run time it is taking different one(Lower then what I assigned) . 

Normally the combobox works fine in other screens . It is giving the pain on this screen only.