How to Find a Directory into the Server

Hi there,

Well, i'm with a problem to find some directories into the server that the Outsystems is installed. 

My Outystems environment is installed in my Server called Kabuto, and i need get some files in the folder 'CargasElawBI'. Here is the path of the folder : \\kabuto\ProcessosAuxiliares$\CargasElawBI

So, I'm using the action 'Directory_Exists' that is a component from  FileSystem to verify if the folder exists. In  input parameter 'Path' i put the path above, but it always returns False. 

I've already tried to put others paths, but no one of them returns True.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance

Hi Henrique,

Does the OutSystems useraccount have access to these folders?

You can add this account to your folders or you can change the 'Run As' user account in Service Center.

Kind regards,

Remco Dekkinga