Pass variable between two web block

Hi, please your help, I have two screens, every screen has a web block, I need pass a variable between the first screen with its web block to second screen with web block.

The first screen has a button inside the web block.

Both web block are in a module different.

Hi Hans Paul,

Your question is not really clear. I don't know if you want to redirect from one page to another (screen 1 to screen 2) or if you have both screens open next to each other and you want to push your change from the webblock on screen 1 to the webblock on screen 2.

For the first option, if the button is inside the webblock, use an action that redirects to screen 2 with an input parameter that has the value that yo have in the first web block. This value should then be given to the webblock on the second screen via an input parameter in the second webblock.

For the second option you can check my Pusher components in the Forge. These components can help you to push values from one screen to another screen in real-time.

I hope that these answers are helpful, otherwise please reply with an example and a hint on where you're stuck.

Kind regards,

Remco Dekkinga

you need to use an event in the block that is going to send the variable, and in the block the is going to use the variable handle the event. here a link with an example