How to change the Popup Header color per Status

I have a project where the client wants the pop-up header to change color base on the status of the reservation. If the status of the reservation is cancelled the header is color red, If the status is pending it is Yellow, and if Approved it is Green

Hi Willts,

To make this thing happened you need to hide the header of the popup from the popup editor. i.e it should be blank

then you need to create a custom header in your popup.

on this custom, header container specify the conditional class or style like below

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 for closing the popup use a link  keep a cross icon inside it and call server action in the link



Pankaj Pant

Hey Willts,

This is the actual style class

.os-internal-ui-dialog-titlebar{ background: (Color-code) }.

but need to find a way to apply this based on the logic.

Will come back to you later after looking into it deeply.