Hi all,

     I am trying to integrate the Login with Facebook API in my mobile app. I have done all the steps based on the FB integration Guide. I have configured my app in facebook developers console also. My FB app status in also live.

     When I try to login with the Facebook in my IOS mobile with FB app installed I am able to log in.

     When I try to login with the Facebook in my android mobile with FB app installed I am getting an error that "Invalid Key hash".

     I have already posted this without explaining the scenario, So I didn't get any useful response. Now I have explained the scenario. Hope someone will help me with this.



Hi Gowtham,

Did you create your key Hash? like is documented on this page https://success.outsystems.com/Documentation/10/Delivering_Mobile_Apps/Generate_and_Distribute_Your_Mobile_App/More_Information_on_Generating_and_Distributing_Mobile_Apps#create-a-keystore

Than you need to configure that in your facebook app like is described in the last post of this https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/26046/invalid-key-hash-error-when-trying-to-login-using-facebook/

You follow both these steps and you still have that error?