Keep form on top of screen (taskbox/feedback alike)


I would like to keep a form visible for the user on top of the screen where he could keep some notes while flicking through the screens. 

Is it possible to actually do this such that is doesn't reload at every screen but stays on top like the taskbox?

Many thanks in advance!

Hi Frank,

The short answer is no. Anything that is rendered on a browser page needs to be present on that page and will be reloaded every time you navigate.

The taskbox seems to achieve the behaviour you want by being (automatically) added to all screens when the module is published.

The staying "on top" is a matter of CSS, using positioning and z-index.


Hi Frank,

Just to add a bit more to Jorge's answer. What you can do is add a webblock to your layout that does what you want. With CSS you can keep it always on top but as Jorge's said this will be loaded everytime you change page.

A way of not loading always is a way that I don't recommend and should be only used in really specific situations. You can have a page with that on top and only change the rest of the content of the page with ajax refresh.




Hi Jorge and Marcelo, a bit late respons but I see I forgot to thank you guys for your help. So hereby: thanks! :)