What is the best way to convert Android app to Outsystems mobile app

Hi all,

I have an Android app written in Java and XML and also call to an AIDL interface, it connects mobile app to the printer that user can print from the mobile app. 

Now I want to have the print function of Android app in OutSystem mobile app. What is the best way to convert the Android app to outSystems app, or is there any way to import the print function to outsystems environment. 




Hi David,

There is no import functionality for mobile apps (android or iOS). You'll have to rewrite the app.

Regarding the printing / AIDL part you can build a Cordova wrapper around it and implement a plugin that you can use from OutSystems.

Kind regards,

Remco Dekkinga

Hi Remco,

Thanks for your information.

I just noticed that outsystems integration studio can accept outsystems application running with java code. Do you think this will help on rewriting the printing function on outsystems mobile app?

As to the Cordova wrapper, may I have the tutorial/guideline on how to create Cordova wrapper?

If I am not mistaken, after building a Cordova wrapper I can upload the plugin to GIT or created as zip file, then the plugin can be used from OutSystems regarding this website.