[Firebase Cloud Message Plugin] Getting resource not found error

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Published on 2018-08-20 by Experts
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Published on 2018-08-20 by Experts

Dear Team, I am getting the below error: While i have added all the file:

Upgrade failed - rolling back to previous application version.
Aborting resources download. Failed to download resource /SEA_H/google-services/GoogleService-Info.plist?4O__WMhp8i7lx0iBu6+MKw with error: Not Found

Please tell me the solution for the error


Hello Mohd,

Please check this, specifically:

There may be situations when the automatic update of the application is not possible in the end-user device even if the publish happened without problems. Possible causes can be a poor network connection to download the resources needed from the last publish or a local data model upgrade that is not possible to update automatically. In situations where an update is not possible on the device of an end-user, the mobile app notifies the end-user with a message and rolls back to its previous fully working version.