How to achieve Excel like UI

Hi All,

Currently am suffering in UI, help me to achieve that,

Requirement was :


header was a title and in body 

we need to have three different container named 

1, text data


3,fixed value

in this three container we need to fixed the 1 and 3 with in the screen, with out scroll bar

2 nd container will have 10 -15 sub containers under it, like in above image .

so, with out moving the entire segment 

freeze the 1 st and 3rd container and need 2 container with a scroll.

please help me to fix this.


I think you should google for column-layouts, that will help you a bit.


Hi Pankaj,

Yes, if possible can you share your idea .

Thanks in advance,

Manikandan K

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Hi Mani,

PFA OML File for the reference.

Thanks and regards,

Pankaj Pant