How to use Forge Accelarators in Outsystems?

I got to know that  Forge market place to download some of these accelerators so we don’t end up re-inventing the wheel for the most common use case.

Can I know what is the exact use in outsystems and how can we use those templates in the outsystems page. 

Hi AfeezPasha,

Forge components and templates can be downloaded to your environment to speed up development.

After you've downloaded a component, you can use it by using the add/remove references from the menu. Select the actions/widgets/entities that you want to use in your application and you can use them inside your module.

Regarding Templates, you can download and install them into your environment. When you create a new application, you can select the new template and your application will start with all the defined functionality from the template.

Kind regards,

Remco Dekkinga

Hi AfeezPasha,

Check also this topic in the product documentation.