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Published on 2 Jan by Remco Dekkinga
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Published on 2 Jan by Remco Dekkinga


I am rewriting the XIF into JAVA code in order to use this component in a J2EE platform version.

Please accept me into the team so I can upload this new version. I will begin with a P9 version, then I can make the remaining P9.1 and P10 versions.

Changes made:

  • Added J2EE code to MultipleFileUpload_Extension
  • Removed hardcoded ".aspx" strings and used GetPageExtension() from HttpRequestHandler instead

Hi Caio,

Welcome to the team!

Kind regards,

Remco Dekkinga


Done uploading version 2.0.1 for P10 with J2EE compatibility.

For P9 and P9.1 versions, I had to append ".1" to their versions since the major version was the same between those platform versions.

Also included the latest changes from version 2.0.0 onto the new P9 and P9.1 versions.