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I know that OutSystems prevents uploading solutions from an Enterprise to a Personal environment, but I would like to confirm if this is also valid if the Personal environment is associated to the Enterprise one.

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Hi Maria,

In which way is your PE associated to an Enterprise environment?

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I was added as part of the team (?) in the outsystems website. When I access Platform > Home, I can see the infrastructure under the Enterprise Infrastructure tab.

Hi Maria,

The PE is yours, as an individual. Has no relation with Enterprise environments your community user may have been associated with.

That being said, I believe you may be able to use IPP to allow your modules to be published on your PE... what is not outright possible is the other way around (take a module developed in a PE and go through the IPP portal).

I suggest you contact OutSystems support to clarify and understand what is possible and not for your particular case.

Jorge -

IPP will never allow Enterprise code in PE. PE can only get code from Forge or anything else that IPP's to


Thanks J.Ja! Is it that obvious I don't usually have to worry about moving things to a PE?