[Paypal connector] Is "Paypal connector" compliant with PCI DSS ?


Is "Paypal connector" compliant with PCI DSS?

I think credit card information seems to be passing through the server...


Hello Takashi,

As far as I know, you can have the credit card information on the server and STILL be PCI Compliant. You just need to be audited/certified as such.

One good example is given by Adyen, in which their API can be implemented differently, depending on whether you're PCI-compliant or not. If you aren't, you'll only have the "encrypted data" passing through the server. If you are PCI-compliant, you can store the data.

For instance, the likes of Uber and even PayPal, need to be PCI-compliant so they can store our credit card information on their databases.

Hope this helps.