hi so i am basically trying to record and save my audio in a posting manner.like after recording i am saving it to another screen where i will play it.more like a ToDo but with audio.

but i have this error right here when i try to play this audio.

the first error i get after recording this audio is 

"The INSERT statement conflicted with the FOREIN KEY constraint "OSFRK_OSUSR_ZPY_MEDIA_OSSYS_USER_USERID". The conflict occurred in the database "YVE3II013", table "dbo.ossys_User", column 'ID'. The statement has been terminated"

then after this error i press the save button then go to the screen where it should appear on and when i press play i get this error


[OSUSR_ZPY_MEDIABINARY] with key 4 was not found

please help me solve this issue

all i want is to record and save then play audio when i want anytime.

thank you

Hi Musa,

The first error indicates that you want to store a record with a reference to the User entity. Probably a mandatory CreatedBy or UpdatedBy field which is left blank.

The second error occurs, because on Save, you get an error and the database transaction is rolled back. This means that the audio is also not saved to the database and the record (with ID 4) doesn't exist anymore.

Kind regards,

Remco Dekkinga