How to display data inside the entity in multilingual?

Hi All,

I am saving data inside the entity but while I am rendering data on screen based upon the user choice data has to display (German / Spanish) if the user select German the entire content on the screen should display in German. Similar to feedback messages also.

Hi Kavita,

Unless that entity is a static entity is not possible to translate its content with Outsystems multilingual. Basically you need to translate it yourself using some API or something like that.



Hi Kavita,

In this case you probably have to create your own translation entity with locale (languages) and corresponding Id's.



Hello Kavita,

In case you have dynamic content on your screen fetched from the Database, you should follow the struture presented in this forge component:

It was created as a how to  create a multi language database



if it's a mobile application, Mulitlingual Mobile component can help you realize what you want.

You'll also have to add translation id property in your entities so you'll be able to indicate what's the id of the translation you want to display.

You can create a table containing text to be translated with translations matching the text. And refer the id of each text in your tables and you'll be able to retrieve the correct translation.

Maybe you can tell us more about the way of retrieving translations and we can try to help you to have the better way to have it applied on your screen.


How to convert the login feedback message "invalid username and password" in multilingual based upon user choice of language.

Hi K.,

You can change or add these for different languages inside the 'Users' module of OutSystems.
The Login action uses actions from this module during the login process.