Carousel, Going back to the top when swiping

Hi Everyone,

I am facing an issue with the carousel function on mobile app.

For example, I have 5 pages of carousel, first page happens to be a long list, which users will scroll down to complete a list of checkbox, then user will swipe right to the 2nd page, which consist of only one button group at the top. So, here comes the problem, when the user swipe down all the way on the first page, and they swipe right to the 2nd page, carousel does not auto scroll to the top of 2nd page, users will see nothing after they swipe and have to manually swipe up to see the button group. Are there any ways to allow carousel to scroll to the top automatically when user swipe left or right?


Hi Jasper,

I'm pretty sure that the carousel is not meant to be used in that way, so I'm not too surprised it doesn't work. If these are actual pages of different data, why not use different Screens?