Your Ideas to generate a Big Xml

Hello ,

My goal is to create a big xml based on +- 1M recordings .

My first try was simply to querry my table and do a loop 

creating each XML records and concatenate.

To Bad , the loop was killing the server eating all the resources.

second try i have changed the query to generate by itself the sql

like in that example

SELECT          ProductModelID,Productname         Name  FROM 



I did the query on the platform , chose a structure with a text (with 50000000 char length) ,

But when i querry the result is splitted into 170K * 2000 char (170K recordings of 2000 chars).

And then i return back to my first try , do a loop to concatenate all the parts , it's a better loop because smaller , but the same issue .

Is there a way to raise the size of the generated xml parts ?

Is someone in the community who has to create big xml file , and has found a creative solution , 

to avoid to do a loop on each record and concatenate the generated xml of each records in a txt ?  

Best regards.


Hi didier,

Did you try the built-in extension XML of the platform?

Serialization_RecordListtoXml could be useful to do it.  In RecordList parameter you can use ToObject(YourListVariable)

Best Regards



Thanks Fabio,

I'll try that it seams to make sense.