Receiving html and css in response


I have a screen on which I'm receiving data by making a web service call. Is their a way by which I could not only populate fields with data received as a response from a web service call but also the design( html and css) for the same. I want the entire fragment( data and design Style)  to get displayed as a result of a web service call. Is it supported in outsytems?

Hi Shashankit,

Normally webservice must give most generic data, because of wide usage, and if you want to get css styles, then create a new output structure with specific fields for css styles.

Like par data fieldname, custom styles. 

And in the Outsystems when consume the WS, use this data to construct the page in the preparation, but you cannot create textbox or anyother controls in runtime.

You have to place the controls in the webscreen, and only the apply the styles in the extended property of the each control.

Hope this helps,