Priority actions on mobile app


We have a page with a big table where thousands of cells have a logic inside them and it takes obviously long to load but it is ok as we have a load indicator and so on. But when click on a submenu that should show another web block it doesn't start logic inside block until all data on page is finished loading. 

For example a cancel or pause button that stops data loading or logout. Currently it feels like freezed app.

Any way to force some action to execute not in query with previous ones?

Use case is while data is still processing user can't logout immediately as the action for logout still waiting in a queue. Some "kill all" magic would be nice to have:)

Thank you

Hello Mykola,

Are you loading all those cells at once? Is reducing the number of cells "per scroll" a possibility? This could reduce the load on the screen and allow it to answer "faster" to user inputs.