Mobile - Access to Documents Directory on IOS & Android

On Outsystems P10 Mobile,  we can find an Upload Control that allow users to select a file.  

The Control has a property called "Accept" with following options: 'Image', 'Video' and 'Any'.

The 'Any' option allow to present in runtime on IOS 3 links:

   - Take a Photo or Video -> It open's Camera

   - Photo Library -> it opens Gallery

   - Explorar -> it opens a Documents directory

So the control don't have a "documents" option.

So, is it possible to add this "document" option or implement a custom widget that permit direct access to the Documents directory that i refer ?

The goal is to allow user to select a file in this file directory.

Thank you


Hello Ricardo,

I might have missed your point, but doesn't the Explore button do what you want to do? I'm not sure if this implements somehow the cordova-file-plugin, but you can take a look at it :)