BUG: Adding an entity in an Advanced SQL misnames the entity

Hi All!

So I'm creating a SQL Query.
When I add an entity to its output, and click the (Add Another Entity /Structure...) link at the bottom, or simply double click the Output Entities / Structures folder, to get to this popup:

and then type part of the entity or structure name, and then double-click the entry I want, in ths case Trading Partner, I get this:

The type is correct, but the name isn't, which is odd since they should be the same.

I noticed that this only happens when I type part of the name, if I simply scroll to the entity I want and then double-click it, it works fine.

This is quite annoying, because since you expect it to "just work", you can easily miss that the name isn't right when creating the SQL Query, and then latter when you go and use its output get confused by the strange names showing up.

Hi Carlos,

Yes you are right, i see that behavior, 

You add the entity, and rename the Name property to completely different, after change to other entity, the name stays the old name, I believe that when you change the name, Outsystems thinks that user customized the name, so keeping the same.

But of course, if you delete the name property, it immediately put the current entity name.

I am not sure if its bug or feature.