Insert JSON value into Outsystem DB

I want to insert JSON value with unlimited characters into Outsystem DB. If i choose text datatype, i can insert only specified amount of characters. So which datatype is suitable for the same?. Please help.

Ex:  Sample JSON value






Hi Divya,

Use the BinaryData Data Type.

Then, use the TextToBinaryData and BinaryDataToText (from BinaryData Extension) to convert from Text to BinaryData and from BinaryData to Text.



Hello Jose,

     Thanks for the reply. I have tried out that what you said. Please find the screenshots. Totally two web screens are there in my application. 

  • Test WebScreen(I have to display the values of JSONCheck entity  in table format)
  • TestDetails WebScreen(Editing)

As you said, i have used BinaryData extension to convert BinaryData to Text in the preparation of Test webscreen. Now i have to display the values of JsonCheck entity in table format. When i dragged and dropped the JSONCheck entity in my web screen, only Name column is there, JsonValue column is not there.

JsonValue ===> BinaryData Datatype


# Save your json data in the binary data type in a table

# to display it, add your own column and give widget expression with value text (BinaryDataToText(JsonValue))

# if you want to extract it, in the widgets tools, there is serialize and deserialize widgets