Network Session: End of file error


 I am getting the error "ORA-12537: Network Session: End of file" for a Timer.

I read somewhere to implement the following:

You can configure the min and max connection pool size for DB Connections in the DB Connections' Connection string.

But I don't know where to exactly give this value in Service center as  you can see in the screenshot below

Is there anyother solution to avoid this error? Please help.


Hi Ananth,

Those settings are done in configuration tool and not service center.




Hi Ananth,

For external database connections, like the one you're configuring, you are in the right place, Advanced configuration for the Database Connection, in Service Center.

On the Connection String Parameters, you can add Min Pool Size=XX; and/or Max Pool Size=YY;, where XX and YY are the values you want to configure the connection pool size with.

You can find more information about connection strings for Oracle at for instance.

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