I have this doubt about timers. Assume that I have a process in a timer scheduled to run every 5 min. The first thread runs this particular process(a long process) for more than 5 min lets say 15 min. I want to know what will happen to the two threads that are supposed to start on the 5th and 10th minute. 

1. Will these two threads still run after the first thread finishes?

2. If yes, I have a timeout of 30 min lets say. Will the above scenario affect the timout? 

3. If the two threads also run after the first thread, how do I stop the second two threads from running after identifying that the first thread is taking too long?


Samuel Stephen


For an Outsystems server, only one instance of a timer is running at a moment. So you will never have the same timer running 2 times at the same time.

If I do recall correctly the timer just has one next run time, this means that, for some reason an execution takes 30 minutes, and at the first 5 minutes (like your example) the timer will try to start again and it will fail but it will schedule a new run.

You can check the timer execution on the servicecenter -> Monitoring -> Environment Health ->Timers

For example if you have some kind of synchronization, and you have to guarantee that you run the timer each 5 minutes, or you have a 5 minute window synchronization, you should manage those situation by yourself.